Road Safety Tips before driving in the outback

  1. Wildlife

The Great Australian Outback is known to be filled with a lot of wildlife. There are no fences as such to prevent animals from getting on the roads. So if you do see some sort of animal on the road; make sure to stop at a safe distance and call in the authorities. Under no circumstances, do you engage with these animals or try driving around them because you have no idea what sort of state they are in. An elephant might look completely harmless but can cause a lot of issues if it feels threatened by your vehicle. Most forest rangers are positioned in key locations, and one should arrive when a call comes in. The issue should be sorted out quickly, but make sure you have some food on board, you know just in case it takes too long to get sorted.



  1. Night

Make sure you finish all the driving and do your truck driver training with Payless Truck Driving School when the sun is still up. Driving at night in the great outback is a stupid, if not fatal idea. Firstly, it can cause a lot of harm to you and the people in the car. You have no visual confirmation that the roads are safe and without the presence of wildlife. It can all go from bad to worse if you try to beat the traffic by driving at night.

  1. Photo Stops

We get it; you want to capture some great moments with the family. Make sure the photo stop you take has other people around it as well. Don’t stop at a random location with no humans around because you have no idea whether it is safe and if something was to happen, you would have no sort of help whatsoever. This is especially important for those people who take smaller routes; sometimes those routes might not be taken by people for days. You don’t want to be stuck in absolute wilderness with no sort of backup or help on its way.

  1. Research

It is important to do your homework about the conditions that you’re going to be driving in. Once you research about the conditions, you would be aware of the type of tires to choose and how much reserve fuel you will need to ensure that you are not stuck in a spot of bother.  Also look into road closures, as that can derail plans easily.